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Wildlife & Scenery
cheetah From the slopes of Mount Kenya to the depths of the Great Rift Valley; from the roar of the King of the Jungle to the chirp of the weaver bird, the magical Kenya's captivating wildlife and picturesque locations are sure to take your breath away!
Parks & Game Reserves
impala_herd Kenya is one of the world's most famous tourist destinations. With more than forty national parks and game reserves, tourists can view our beautiful country and wildlife. In the parks,you will find a number of wild animals and lodges .Welcome to the Wild Wild East! more
Kenyan Beaches Mombasa and the Coastal towns have exquisite beaches considered "heaven on earth!" There are innumerable fun activities on the beach like beach sports such as beach football, volleyball, or even running wild! There are a number of beach hotels conveniently located next to these beaches. Have fun! more
Must-go Places
Maasai Mara

Our beautiful Kenya has places you would consider heaven on earth! Among the places you should visit include the Great Rift Valley, Maasai Mara and other national parks, beaches, historic monuments, museums, and many more!These places have wildlife and scenery that are a "must-see!" more

Beautiful Scenery
Kenyan Coast

Are you looking for the idyllic tourist destination with beautiful scenery? Then Kenya is the country to visit. There are many exquisite places to visit that are breath-taking. The scenery include the lovely sunset in our parks, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, The Great Rift Valley, beaches, springs, just to name but a few. more

The Great Rift Valley
The Great Rift Valley

Some 20 million years ago, the earth's crust weakened and tore itself apart creating a jagged rift, thousands of kilometers long, across the African continent. The land on either side erupted creating great volcanic mountains, while the valley floor gradually sank into a low flat plain. Today's Rift Valley is characterized by uninhabitable desert and fertile farmland, flat arid plains and steep escarpments. more

Mount kenya

There are a number of mountains in Kenya which are of paramount importance to the eco-system and even wildlife. Besides mountains, there are hills and highlands. These places have a number of hotels, lodges and campsites where tourists can stay during their tours. more


Within Kenyan lakes, you will find beautiful scenery wildlife and lots of fun activities to do. The lakes include Lakes Baringo, Bogoria, Elmenteita, Magadi, Naivasha, Nakuru, Turkana and Victoria. Accommodation around the lakes include guesthouses, safari lodges oasis campsites and luxury island fishing camps... more


Forests form an important part of our environment and support a range of trees and plant species. Most of them influence rainfall distribution in Kenya and are a home to a number of wildlife such as elephant herds, elusive leopards, monkey families and prolific bird life. They are distributed all over the country. more

Wild Animals

Kenya is the mother of wild animals. In this great country, you will find almost all the wild animals that can live in the Sub-saharan climate in great numbers. Among the wild animals in Kenyan parks include the big cats like lions, cheetahs, & leopards. Other animals are elephants, rhinos, giraffes, hyenas, antelopes, wildebeest, zebras, gazelles, among others. more


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