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Tourism and Climate Change Climate Change is a universal challenge and the world community has agreed to respond, in parallel with its commitments to the Millennium Development Goals. Tourism will play its part in the global response in solidarity with other sectors. (UNWTO)
The Role
We have a special responsibility and opportunity - in the world’s poorest and emerging countries tourism is one of the principle services exports with a strong comparative advantage. Tourism is also a proven weapon in the war on poverty. Responsible growth patterns must find ways to capitalize on this.

During 2007 UNWTO was actively involved in helping the Tourism sector
  • Assess the interrelationship of climate change and tourism. Through a science based report on the economic, operational & market impacts as well as the challenges and opportunities.
  • Consider meaningful response patterns. Based on Multistakeholder evaluation and recommendations contained in the Davos Declaration Framework. The Declaration (augmented by Ministerial decisions in London and Cartagena) sets out directions for change for the Tourism Sector & calls on stakeholders to establish a long range low carbon emission roadmap with immediate concrete action plans supporting global response and coherent with the commitments to the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Participate in the global response framework. This includes a tourism input - alongside other economic sectors - to the recent UN Climate Summit in Bali, Indonesia as well as within Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s system wide roadmap to support adaptation, mitigation, technology and finance.
In 2008 our focus will be on
  • Increasing awareness of the Davos Declaration Framework and
  • Encouraging its implementation by all stakeholders.
As a first step UNWTO’s Assembly has made the theme of World Tourism Day 2008 “Tourism Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change” - the organization & its Members will undertake a year long campaign around this theme.
(Courtesy: World Tourism Organization)

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