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Climatic Changes Threaten Global Tourism

Climate Change

Report Compiled By: Lucy Morangi
Experience Kenya News Team
Friday, 22nd February 2019

The world tourism week came to a quiet close despite the industry’s current upward trend in Kenya. This year, the fete was observed in the coastal town of Malindi, where a conservation campaign of the country’s infamous marine wildlife was underlined.

Going hand in hand with this years’ theme “Tourism responding the challenges of climate change,” the government launched awareness campaigns to educate the locals on the importance of marine life and how to mutually live with them. Statistics indicate that several aquatic species are endangered due to poaching. Climatic factors have also contributed to their dwindling numbers and it’s confirmed that harsh climatic conditions are killing them during their gestation period.

Recent drastic weather patterns have also eroded coral reefs, which serve as food and shelter to several aquatic species.  

“Global climatic changes have adversely affected our eco system which gradually will deny countries their natural heritage,” said Khasinah Odero, Marketing and travel club Manager of Africa Point. “Kenya has seen the onset of elnino and currently is experiencing prolonged drought affecting wildlife and flora. Therefore, this years’ theme is an urgent call for the world to come together and chart a way to curb this looming disaster.”

On ivory poaching, Ms Odero commended the ongoing government efforts. She said, Kenya has stepped up security in the game parks by equipping wardens with more resources to patrol the parks.

“It’s been noted that sometimes elephant poaching is perpetrated by neighboring communities and efforts have been increased to educate locals about the importance of animal conservation,” added Ms Odero.

Ms Odero also lauded the aggressive marketing the Kenyan government embarked on immediately after the formation of a coalition government.

“International marketing has greatly helped to restore confidence in the international market by reassuring travelers that Kenya is now safe and still a great destination,” she said. The government should stay on track, continue to innovate and allocate adequate resources so that entities like the Ministry of Tourism and Kenya Tourism Board continue to drum up support, she emphasized.

Ms Odero however expressed concerns on the devastation seen in the industry after the election violence. She said that stakeholders in the industry continue to remind Kenyans that peace is paramount for the sustainability of tourism.

“Tourism is an industry driven by perception, and the international market is keenly watching how the coalition government is working together and the general political situation in Kenya. With the tourism sector now as a major foreign earner, the government is keen to foster peace,” she concluded.

The industry received a major boost when the Mayor of Milan Italy invited Kenya to participate in this year’s Milan Cultural Festival. The event provided an opportunity for the country to showcase her wide range of products including tourism.




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